March 9, 2021

Business status page

To keep your customers informed and updated at all times, you should consider developing a business status page on your website.

A business status page is a section of your website where you can display relevant information to your customers about the particular status of your business. This can include, but is not limited to, opening hours, available services and conditions to visit.

Try to keep this page as clear and informative as possible, including all the relevant information to allow current and prospective customers to plan their visit efficiently.

Below you can find relevant information to be included on a business status page:

  • Current status & opening hours
  • - Are you currently open/closed?
  • - If you are closed, when are you planning to reopen?
  • - What are your opening hours?
  • - Are there any special hours reserved for key workers/elderly customers?
  • Services available
  • - Which services are currently available?
  • - Which services are currently unavailable?
  • - Have your services changed?
  • - Do you accept bookings? Which online services are available?

Try to be specific about each service you currently offer and if there are particular restrictions or limitations. For example, if you offer essential services only (e.g. repair) this should be clearly stated.

  • Special conditions to visit
  • - Do you accept walk-ins or do you accept customers by appointment only?
  • - Do you provide any alternative options to in-store visits (e.g. click and collect, home delivery, etc.)?
  • - Are people allowed/expected to queue before entering the premises?

Providing relevant information for the visit can be fundamental to set expectations of your customers and avoid disappointment during their visit. Try to be as clear as possible when describing the particular conditions and alternative options for a visit to avoid any misunderstandings.

A good example of a status page is provided by Apple Bromley. The page is clear and informative, mentioning opening hours and the status information of the service available in store. The page also includes a header banner alert, which condenses information about the status of the shop in a single line.

Alongside essential information about the store, the page provides alternative options to customers, incentivising online bookings by redirecting customers to the e-shop. For example, the page reminds customers that every order comes with free and contactless delivery and some products can get shipped to your door within 2 hours. In this way, the page is not only used to provide relevant information to customers, but it's pivotal to boost e-commerce and create digital brand engagement.

To provide even more detailed information to customers, the page is directly linked to a FAQs page developed specifically to address COVID-19 safety measures.

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