March 5, 2021

Opening Safely FAQ

Whilst planning for a safe reopening, being open and clear about procedures you have put in place is fundamental to keep customers informed and updated.

As a business, you should aim to provide the most accurate information to customers for four main reasons:

  • - Making customers aware of the efforts you are making to keep your activity safe
  • - Inform customers about relevant changes in your activity
  • - Anticipate and answer customers' questions related to your service
  • - Enable better customers' decision making

Developing COVID-19 FAQ pages

In this context, developing a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page on your website can be an extremely effective way to keep your customer informed, updated and reassured on how you are operating in light of COVID-19 regulations. FAQ pages are in fact developed to address questions your customers might have about your activity.

By answering these questions in advance you will allow everyone to make a more efficient use of time. On one side, customers will be able to find all the answers to their questions in one place, eliminating the need to ask questions via email or phone. On the other side, as a business, the reduced number of enquiries will make you save precious time you can invest in your business.

Whilst developing the FAQ page, you should consider different types of questions which might not always be related to safety. In fact, it is very likely that your business operates differently from before: procedures and policies regarding services, bookings, payments or opening times might have changed drastically.

When developing FAQs, use the following two-step approach:

1. Identify questions that have been asked more frequently

Think about what your customers have been asking you when you were previously open. Which were the most frequent types of questions? Were questions mostly related to safety? Or were questions more related to opening hours instead? Start by identifying these types of questions: they will be the ones that are likely to be on your FAQ page.

2. Anticipate questions that customers might have

Think about what has changed in your business from before: is there any procedure or policy that might lead to new questions from your customers? Also, think about your customers' needs: do you see any shift in their needs that can lead to new questions or requests? Think about what your customers might want to ask that they didn't ask so frequently before or any relevant question you might have missed.

Examples of questions for your FAQ page

Here you can find examples of questions you can include on your FAQ page. Questions may vary according to the size of your business, the type of service provided and location. You can integrate these questions with what you believe is most relevant to your business.

Opening hours

  • - When are you planning to reopen?
  • - Have your opening hours changed?
  • - Are you currently open?
  • - Do you have dedicated shopping hours for vulnerable customers and NHS workers?

Social distancing and safety measures

  • - How is social distancing practised in your store?
  • - Is there a limit to the number of people entering your store?
  • - What are you doing to reduce the risk of infection?
  • - How do you care about your team?
  • - Will I have to queue when I visit your store?
  • - What hygiene protocols are you following to keep your store clean?
  • - How can I handle goods in-store?

Services available

  • - Which services are currently available?
  • - Which services are currently unavailable?
  • - Do you accept returns? Has your return period changed?
  • - How do you ensure returns are handled safely?

Booking, collecting and delivery

  • - Do you have a click and collect service?
  • - How do you handle collections? Do I have to come into the store to collect my order?
  • - Do you have a home delivery service?
  • - Is the home delivery service free?
  • - How can I receive my online order safely? Is there an option for contactless delivery?
  • - What are the expected delivery times?
  • - Do you accept email or phone bookings?

Payment options

  • - Do you accept cash payments?
  • - Do you accept online payments?
  • - Do you have contactless payment options?

Examples and References

Apple FAQs page

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