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March 4, 2021

Risk Assessment, Signage & Awareness

The UK government stresses the importance of making your staff and customers aware of the safety guidelines and measures in place to contain the spread of COVID-19.

All businesses are required to carry out a COVID-19 Risk Assessment to manage risk and protect customers and staff in the workplace.  When you have completed your risk assessment please carry out a Business Safety Check to ensure that everything is in place.

Putting in place clear signage about the measures and processes you have adopted is fundamental to raise awareness, inform and reassure both your customers and your staff.

You can use the following signage to inform your customers about the latest measures and procedures you have implemented and the actions you have taken to contain the spread of the infection:

Safety Check and Risk Assessment

  • - Safety Check Certificate: display this certificate at the entrance of your store to let visitors know you have completed a business safety check to make your store COVID-19 secure.
  • You can get the certificate if you successfully complete our Business Safety Check.
  • - Risk Assessment: you should complete the COVID-19 Risk Assessment developed by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to manage risk and protect people in your workplace.
  • You can find more information about the assessment here.

Entry Signs/Open for Business

  • - 'Wear a mask' poster: place this poster both at the entrance and inside your store to remind people to wear face covering.
  • - Venue check-in posters: place an official NHS QR code poster at your store entrance to help support contact tracing. NHS COVID-19 app users will then be able to scan (check-in) as they enter your store.
  • - Stay Alert poster: you should place one of these posters by your store entrance to remind visitors of the latest government advice.
  • - 'We are open' poster: inform your customers you are open by placing this poster at the entrance of your store.
  • - Entrance/exit posters: entrance and exit sign posters are a quick and easy way to make sure you’re being clear with your directional safety signage, and can complement your one-way system.
  • - 'No entry' posters: use them to mark working areas that are restricted to staff to limit the spread of the infection.
  • - 'Limited number of people' poster: place it at the entrance of your store to inform customers that store operates at a reduced capacity to allow social distancing.

Signage Promoting Social Distancing

  • - Social distance floor markings: use floor markings to help people keep the distance while queueing and for other common areas such as toilets and in any other areas where queues usually form.
  • - Floor tape: use floor tape to help people keep their distance while walking around your store.
  • - 'Keep two meters apart' poster: place this poster in different areas of your store to remind people about the two metres distance.
  • - 'One Way System' signage: place one of these signs at each entrance to your store to remind people that you have a one-way system in place. Add further signs at regular intervals (ideally every five metres) along aisles to help keep people at a safe distance.

Payment/Collection signs

  • - 'Contactless payments only' poster: place this poster at your entrance and next to the counters if you are accepting only contactless payments.
  • - 'Collection point' poster: if you have activated a click and collect service, putting one of these signs at each point where you are running a collection service to limit customer numbers inside your shop.

Hygiene/Hand-washing Posters

  • - 'Sanitise your hands' poster: remind people to sanitise their hands when they enter and leave your store. You should place this poster at the entrance and exit of your store and anywhere you have placed a sanitation station.
  • - 'Don’t touch unless buying' poster: use this poster to discourage customers from touching products they are not buying to stop the COVID-19 virus lingering on products. You can place one on every aisle in your shop or counter.
  • - 'How to hand-wash' poster: place one of these posters in bathrooms (ideally one at every sink) to ensure staff and customers are washing their hands, adhering to NHS guidelines.

Guidelines from the government

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